The Show

Hilarious and hi-tech, magical and musical, beautiful and touching and, of course, a bit odd. It’s a one-man show where the one man doesn’t talk but somehow speaks to your five senses until you can’t help but blurt out,
“Wait, WTF? How did that happen? THAT’S AWESOME!” 
ODDVILLE is a heartfelt story packed with charming live feats and spectacular technology all set to music from the soundtrack of our lives.  It is utterly unique modern theater that transports you back to the past and into the future all at the same time – that special somewhere where you laugh, think and love anew. 
Audiences may arrive in ODDVILLE separately but they can’t resist coming together - with many coming back to make sure what they saw really did happen.
Now it’s your chance. Come visit ODDVILLE for the most surprising and memorable trip of your life.




60 Second Teaser

90 Second Teaser




Past Dates
Ames Center - Burnsville, Minnesota
Westport Plaza - St. Louis, Missouri
Avenue Theater - Denver, Colorado
Pikes Peak Center - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Millibo Art Theatre - Colorado Springs, Colorado
The Temporary - Basalt, Colorado
Breckenridge Backstage Theatre - Breckenridge, Colorado
Aurora Fox Theatre - Aurora, Colorado
FLC Mainstage Theatre - Durango, Colorado
Sangre de Cristo Arts Center - Pueblo CO
Future Tour Dates
To Be Announced

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